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About the company


Welcome to  MyadRich.

MyadRich has been founded by a leading international Business group experienced in IT, Network Marketing,Capital markets,CORPORATE SOFT SKILLS and Personality Development.

Over 22 years of combined business experience have put us in a leading position, allowing us to respond to member needs and current market trends.Our continued investment into the latest technology will ensure that we maintain our leadership position in the marketplace.

 As your partners, it is our pledge and privilege to operate with a high level of both integrity and professionalism along with a heart towards helping people. As business owners and networker marketers, we have first hand experience in having a dream in your heart and passionately going after it while helping others drive to their own success. We have operated traditional businesses as well as built  massive network marketing organizations with thousands on their way to financial freedom. We understand the commitment and  dedication you have made to your families, teams and ultimately yourselves. 

 With MyadRich, finally a company arrives where the 98% marketers that are still building their networks along with veteran leaders that build massive organizations can call home.  Finally, an executive team that understands the inner workings of  what network marketing is all about and genuinely desires you to not just dream, but financially win. Together we look forward  to building a mutually rewarding, financially sustainable company.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the premier CORPORATE SOFT SKILLS and Personality Development Trainer and Global online advertising company providing results oriented advertising across emerging  and trending industries.We will accomplish this by offering out of the box marketing methods while strategically aligning ourselves with successful, emerging industries. In doing so, we will provide income solutions that are both long term and  financially rewarding to our MyadRich partners. 


Vision Statement

 MyadRich ’s vision is to advertise online emerging trends that benefit our membership base while maintaining a finanially healthy, growth oriented organization.  We seek to create a long term, sustainable  program for marketing professionals that will tap into a variety of growing industries. Our purpose is to give entrepreneurs  and home based business owners the opportunity to earn and share a substantial income while helping MyadRich.



Latest News

24/10/2017 18:19
Membership renewal update
      We would like to thank all of our members who have renewed their membership of $5.50 for 2017.  If you have not renewed your membership yet please note that the grace period cover ended on 30th January 2018 ... 
25/12/2015 14:07
Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2016
    Dear Members, The Management and All the Staff at MyadRich wishes everyone Happy Holidays. Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year coming ahead. Thank you all for your contributions and support.    ... 
15/11/2015 19:37
  Dear members and associates,     At MyadRich, it’s all about you. We wouldn't exist without you, and we want to do everything possible to help you achieve true wealth. That’s why we’re giving back. So are you... 
08/08/2015 22:25
  Dear members, Thank you for your patience! Perfect Money Gateway is now working perfectly.  Sincerely, MyadRich Admin   
21/06/2015 19:03
  Dear Members, We  wish all fathers and father figures a veryhappy Father's Day on June 21, 2015.     With Best Regards MyadRich Admin  


Raphael Arko :
Great Opportunity
" Myadrich has given me hope for the future. Thank you God. "